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Lesley Bretherton - Self Portrait

Lesley Bretherton is a Melbourne, Australia, based photographer and former clinical psychologist. Her photographic interests primarily revolve around landscape photography, with a particular focus on seascapes. She adopts a minimalist approach to her work and often utilises long exposure techniques.

Within the studio, Lesley explores still life photography, capturing everyday flora using natural light. She draws inspiration from the Japanese aesthetic philosophy of Wabi Sabi, which appreciates the beauty of imperfection and transience in the natural world. Lesley sources seasonal flowers from local private gardens, markets, and parks, favouring modest and humble blooms.

In her still life compositions, Lesley frequently incorporates found natural objects, juxtaposing them with human-made items, particularly vessels from her personal collection of ceramics and glass. She embraces qualities such as asymmetry and imperfection to evoke a sense of calmness and encourage an appreciation of peace and tranquility in everyday life.

For her photography, Lesley uses Nikon camera systems. She prefers the Nikon D850 for her still life studio work and the Nikon Z7, and now the Nikon Z8, for capturing landscapes.

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